Synapses between the Standards.
Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 02:30PM
Toby Considine in Synergies

There are several large fat standards, or possibly standards of standards, that are struggling to be born right now. These large standards deal with capital assets and the way we describe and interact with them. These standards deal with energy and how we use it. These standards describe things that grew up before the effects of IT on how we look at systems. Now, they are learning to interact with the world of information.

I am more interested in the space between these standards. Just as in two areas of the brain trying to interact, the action is all at the synapses. It is at the synapses that new ideas are formed, and that new actions are embarked upon. Yet few are talking about the synapses. ll, missing the point.

The standards that I am currently focusing on are:

Where do we find the systems, the functions, to pull this together. I am a biologist by training, and I often consider how unappreciated is the value of pre-adaption to evolution. Gills could be calcified to become chests and hips. Stubby little fins could attach to calcified gills to support walking on land. Left over degenerative calcified gill structures could become bones of the ear.

In an analogous way, I think the structures discovered at the interface of NBIMS and oBIX become the pre-adaptations for discoverable abstract surfaces for enterprise interactions with buildings, including those of the Intelligent Grid. The intelligent interface that follows becomes the basis for abstract discoverable surfaces. These surfaces enable the development of agents that manage the customer faces of GridWise.

Emergency management wants two-way interaction with engineered systems, both ways probable relying on OGC metadata. Can EM send Distribution Elements to buildings / distribution grids / etc alerting them of current situations? What if I geo-tag my building sensors? What if I geo-tag my Sub-station data. Can sensors in engineered systems provide situational awareness the EM personnel during a situation?

This site is a meant as a mosh pit where these approaches, these domains can slam into one another. By moshing we can create the interactions that will discover the surfaces.

Please, don’t send me emails with your comments. Post your comments below, where it will be more fun for us all.

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