Heading to New York
Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 08:26PM
Toby Considine in Weekend Fun

It's been a sparse week, but I am working on some talks, and doing a lot of work at my day job on BIM as a service model. There is something quite powerfull in this realm that I have not been able to define yet - not even enough to write about.

BIM as a service framework. BIM in the clouds. Transactional BIM running through service markets. Open Geospatial COnsortium (OGC) tagged Demand/Response in localize energy day trading.

It is snowing here in Carolina, but I will be up early to put my daughter on a plane to NYC. North Carolina does not handle ice well. I am expecting a complete mess on the way to the airport tomorrow morning.

A few hours later, I get on the plane to the city myself, to speak at AHR in the Javits center. As the biggest trde show for AirConditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration, there is alwauys a cluster of meetings and events nearby.

January 21, 2008 B2G (Building two Grid) summit - "New Business Models in Service Oriented Energy Management"

January 22, 2008 Global Warming and GridWise 10:30 at the Javits Convention Center

January 23, 2008 Preparing Buildings for a Sustainable World 1:30 PM Javits Convention Center

In between, I will try to squeeze in some time at the Commercial Building Initiative (CBI) to see the latest efforts to meet the 2030 challenge of zero net energy buildings. 

Come by and see me if you're in town.

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