Open Design goes public with BIMstorm LAX
Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 09:10AM
Toby Considine in BIM, Basics, Markets and Innovation

buildingSmart is proving to be more evangelical than its predecessors NBIMS and IFC. This is an indication that the participants feel that the slow committee work is done, the concepts have been proved, and it is time to change the way buildings are designed, built, and operated.

To accomplish the change to information sharing and stewardship across the full lifetime of a building, many people in many industries will need to change their business practices simultaneously. buildingSmart is an effort to transform the way buildings are designed, built and operated based on the principles of BIM. To accomplish this, many people in many related businesses will need to transform how they work together. ONUMA is engaging the harder work of social change flat on in BIMstorm.

As I understand it, the first BIMstorm will be the public competitive design of 30 blocks of Los Angeles beginning January 31.

It looks like there first major evangelical effort will be the public competitive design of 30 blocks of Los Angeles beginning on January 31…Owners and developers can still request that their project site to be included in the BIMstorm even if it is not in the identified area.

BIMstorm will be a cross disciplinary effort (well, it would have to be!) with standards-based exchange of information. Teams include:

At the start of the BIMstorm™ selected teams will be assigned a specific site. Each site will have a recommended program based on actual project requests. Judging will take place at the end of the BIMstorm™ and awards will be given for various categories. The intent is to demonstrate real-tiime collaboration, rapid design and simulation of projects.

Some of you might want to sign in to watch the melee… .

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