Some things that should be Easy (but aren’t yet)
Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 06:31PM
Toby Considine in Enterprise Interaction, Re-thinking things

I get a lot of correspondence indicating that we now have enterprise ready interfaces. Pshaw. We have a lot of control protocols that are serialized to look something like well crafted XML.

We have a lot of points exposed, without any means for the non-engineer to evaluate what they might mean. These points suffer because they lack what Bob Smith of Tall Trees is teaching me to call an upper ontology. Without the fancy words, we have access to a lot of numbers that don’t mean anything.

What follows is a list of some things that should be easy to do. They should be doable by a non-specialist. Exposing the ability to wire these things together should not involve exposing or interfering with the inner workings of each system.

The question is, why are any of these things difficult, and why do they require the work of buildign operations staff or an engineer?
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