Performance and Service
Monday, March 24, 2008 at 09:50PM
Toby Considine in Markets and Innovation

John Greenwell has commented on this site on how the new standards are raising the bar on building systems from “can you perform?” to “how well can you perform?” The comments led me to hunt down his own BLOG, “IP Convergence” (see link on side) about the new challenges as systems become services.

John writes from the field, i.e., from the perspective of one who has spent years integrating control systems in buildings. In his writing you can taste the distaste for the low standard that we all accept in buildings as well as a longing for something he can be more proud of. His blog deals with many of the same issues as mine, but coming from the contractor side, his perspective is quite different.

A couple years back, he began wrestling with what an enterprise-aware standards-based system might look like. We have had some conversations, and it looks interesting. I am happy to find his blog at last.

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